The choice of our machine program is based on 40 years of service and repair

Crucial to productivity in a press is the logistics in and around the plant

Service and repair of presses

A preventive maintenance worth the name should eliminate unplanned stops

Training and Consultancy Services

Well-trained press operators are crucial to productivity and competitiveness

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Machines and Accessories

Today, we have a wide range of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic presses and all types of peripheral press equipment. This enables customized solutions with respect for technical content and current investment budget.


Our program of automation solutions around presses focuses on material flows, set times, process monitoring and user-friendly protection solutions. We have a complete program for automating your press.

Service and Repairs

Preventive maintenance, repairs and rebuilding of all types of presses has been our core business since the start 1974. We have long experience and a strong organization with 15 service technicians in a decentralized organization.

Training and Consultancy Services

A well-trained and knowledgeable press operator makes a difference. With knowledge and understanding of the press facility's function in combination with established routines for adjustments and internal maintenance, the utilization rate in the facility increases.


Forwell tool switching equipment

New price-leading program that now makes it financially possible to equip more presses with systems for simple tool change. The program includes hydraulic clamping elements, casters and tool arms as well as various systems for driven tool carts.

Rapid Plant Assessment - Stamping

Increase productivity in your press

Start by analyzing the current situation with our service RPA Stamping. We perform a current situation analysis of your press facility and report on what measures must be implemented for increased productivity.

Upgrade your press with FLEXI

Under the collective name FLEXI, we have compiled our program of systems for controlling all types of presses, roller feed mills and complete press lines.


Hursan manufactures hydraulic presses, from simple workshop presses to advanced production presses with customized automation solutions.